We develop state of the art, intuitive, robust applications for a wide variety of clients and industry types.

Productivity through innovative tools and technologies and proven methodologies

Our competence in the use of the latest, state of the art, proven software development tools and technologies means that we can develop applications in record time without sacrificing a robust, easily enhanced software architecture.

At Step Ahead Software we view software development as a having two equally important components: The user inteface and the underlying software architecture.

Some software developers treat software development as merely the construction of a user interface made up of a variety of 'forms' or 'screens' to be displayed to the user. This is the equivalent of producing a Ferrari by only sticking together the external panels without providing a solid chasis or engine to power it.

Our approach

In the modern, quality approach to software development employed by Step Ahead Software the underlying software architecture or 'model' has to be treated with equal importantance as the user interface. This is the only way to produce software that can support the ever growing list of new requirements that inevitably arise after deployment of the software as the client's business takes off.

Our approach has, time and time, again proven itself to result in a lower total cost of ownership and faster delivery times than lower quality approaches. Software development is not something you want to get wrong by taking short cuts because what appears to be a lower cost short cut often ends up being a very expensive experiment - as many of our clients have found when dealing with other software development service providers.

A wise investment

Software development of an inhouse, off the shelf or website application is an investment in your company's future. Choosing Step Ahead Software means that your investment will be built on a strong, future proof architecture that can be easily enhanced to grow with your company.

It's in both of our interests that you're company does well so we do our best to make sure your software can be built, maintained and enhanced in the most cost effective way possible. In that sense we often relate to customers as more of a strategic partner than merely a supplier of software development services.