Chris demonstrated excellent skills and attention to perfection. Chris is a very active team member and has many original ideas, always being motivated by customer satisfaction and process improvement. He has often been proc-active in his work and was most helpful to his colleagues. Chris is also a strong problem solver.
I highly recommend Chris and sincerely think he is one of the best engineers with whom I have had the pleasure working.

Eric Borrey, R&D Manager, Gestetner Lasers

Chris' design and coding is of a very high quality and he is thoroughly professional in his technical responsibilities. He was easily able to adapt to working either in a team or on his own and was always willing to assist his peers.
I worked closely with Chris for the period he worked with Applied Control Systems and always found him to be an enthusiastic, friendly and responsible member of the development team. His verbal, written and presentation skills are very good. He was well liked by his peers and I have found him at all times to be honest and trustworthy.
Chris has a delightful manner, a fresh, enthusiastic approach and provided a valuable contribution to this organization.

Tony Carr, Director, Applied Control Systems

Step Ahead Software designed and built a revolutionay, visually oriented configuration tool and a data processing engine in Java that radically changed the way we process our client data feeds. The configuration tool was so easy to use that we were able to make it available to our customers to empower them to configure the system for their specific data formats. The toolset is extremely reliable and is easily enhanced when new requirements arise.

Step Ahead Software also worked on our market leading Superannuation website, adding new features and providing a variety of performance and architectural improvements.

Jack de Rooy, Integration Manager, SuperChoice Services, InvestmentLink