The most important decision you can make regarding the future of your company is choosing the right team to build your software or website.

In these times successful companies know the importance of information technology, in all of its forms, to their infrastructure. They understand the importance of creating a synergy between their enterprise software and their website (the company's public face in this new millenium) and are prepared to choose a competent provider of software development and web design services to 'make it happen'.

Why do our clients appreciate the Step Ahead Software experience?

We have been using object oriented, industry proven software development methods since the early 90s. As the technology matures our engineers keep up to date so that we can provide the developer productivity and robust, quality end results that our savvy customers demand.

We live, eat and breath object oriented development since the early C++ days right up to today with Java and .Net - we don't only develop object oriented software we also have created productivity tools and provided mentoring and training in this area. We know our stuff.

Recent developments in web development frameworks and technologies mean that the improvement in quality, robustness, development efficiency and cost savings that object oriented technology brought to the software world can now be applied to the web development world. We make sure we keep up to speed with only the most efficient tools and technologies to make sure our clients get the best quality result at a price that is usually less than what our competitors charge for lower quality, expensive to maintain, solutions.

Why so much focus on object oriented technology?

Object oriented technology enables clever software engineers and web developers to create code that is more modular, smaller and less complex than traditional methods. Less complex software means less bugs and code that is less likely to break when changes or enhancements are made. Well designed object oriented software will facilitate easy expansion to add new features and enhancements and makes it significantly easier to 'reuse' existing code rather than duplicate or write from scratch. All these benefits result in a higher quality, more robust end result for our clients and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the project.

Off the shelf pluggable modules - why reinvent the wheel?

We can draw on our library of reusable enterprise functionality modules that we have developed in house over the years which makes it possible for us to build applications for clients within a shorter time frame and at a very competitive price. Canon awarded us a contract over another company because of one of our reusable components cut the development time by about 50%. Some of the reusable components that we use to provide fast turn around on new projects are:

  • User management: A framework that facilities management and authentication of users of your system. Includes all the usual requirements for a website or desktop application that requires authenticated access plus facilitates communication amongst users of the system.
  • Product management: A framework that provides the management of all details related to products within the framework of a product catalog that can have categories nested to any depth required. A gallery of images is supported for each product and category.
  • Workflow management: This framework facilitates the management of workflows within an enterprise to enable automation of many of the laborious management tasks that are performed by humans. Workflow allows us to save your company both time and money.
  • Visual interactive diagramming: Our advanced visual interactive diagramming framework allows us to quickly and easily create a visually oriented application that displays iconic representations of the entities relevent to the application and allow users to create and manage the relationships between them.

We can provide fixed price development for well specified applications or we can work with you to produce a detailed specification or we can work on a time and materials basis. In any case, if you choose to engage our services you will discover our attitude, professionalism and friendliness will make for an excellent working relationship into the future.

Software is no longer just a commodity you buy, purchase, acquire or lease - it's the lifeblood of any modern organization

Smart, successful companies in these rapidly progressing times see software as an investment in the future of their company. They don't see software or their website as just 'something they buy'. They see it as something that helps define who they are. The quality and appearance of a website is the modern day equivalent of a big city office with shiny glass windows and your name over the entrance.

Who is Step Ahead Software?

Step Ahead Software is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia and provides software and web development services to both local and international companies.

What else do we do? We offer data transformation services via

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